Printing on boxes

PaperSeal handles silk-screen printing on finished cardboard boxes, we sell. Unlike offset printing, silk screen is placed on pre-made boxes, so relatively small quantities can be produced. The offset printing is placed on the cardboard sheets by an automatic method, and only then is cut into sheets in box shapes. It costs much cheaper, but the minimum order quantity starts at 500 sq. Ft. meters of cardboard from which boxes will be produced (for example, a box of 600x300x300 is required to make a 1.12m2 sheet of paper and the minimum quantity is calculated: 500m2 / 1.12m2 = 446knt).


More information about boxes with silk-screen printing:

Silk-screen printing prices (excluding VAT), boxes sold separately (assortment)

Quantities 100 200 500 1000+
1 color €0.65 €0.48 €0.26 €0.20
2 colors €0.61 €0.44 €0.25 €0.18
3 colors €0.84 €0.64 €0.34 €0.26
4 colors €1.03 €0.80 €0.42 €0.32
  • The maximum amount of colors in the print is 4 (depending on the price of the colors).
  • Minimum order - 100 boxes.
  • The print can be placed on any cardboard box we sell.
  • Production deadline - 10 working days from pattern approval.
  • The prices quoted are for one release in one place. If you want to place 2 color stamps (2 + 2) on several sides of boxes, then the price of 4 colors is valid.
  • Boxes price is not included. Boxes sold separately.

The table below contains the release rates up to 300cm2 (A5 size sheet). Print size is calculated based on the absolute length of the print and the bandwidth (the smallest rectangle that holds print). If you want to cover a large area of the box and you print more than 300cm2, please contact us and we will calculate the price of the print.


For all interested please contact us by e-mail or by phone +370 (5) 249 9958.

When placing an order, specify the print size, its position on the box, and submit the best quality print file you have. Vector / curved file is required only for multi-colored products.