Payment methods

1. Payment by bank transfer:

When you make purchases online, your email address will be automatically generated. An email is sent to your email address where you can make a bank transfer. In the payment order, specify the order number or invoice number.

Our bank details:

UAB Supakuota
LT95 7290 0000 1646 7070, Citadele
LT95 7300 0101 3653 4382, Swedbank
LT36 7044 0600 0797 9058, SEB bank 
LT69 3500 0100 0110 4300, Paysera LT

2. Electronic bank (payment initiation service) and credit/debit cards:

Our e-shop has an OPAY payment gateway. You will be able to choose your payment method at the time of billing. With the help of the system you can pay with the following electronic banking systems, payment credit/debit cards, Lithuanian Post and PayPost branches, Perl terminals, Maxima cash registers and MOQ mobile wallet. Payments via electronic banking systems use a payment initiation service (MIP) to accept banking. MIP is a service where the payer provides the licensed broker with short-term limited access to his payment account via electronic banking systems, so that the broker makes a payment order on behalf of the payer. For more information, please visit the Lithuania Bank website.

Credit/debit cards

3. Payment to the courier at the time of delivery (cash or cards):

All customers who choose the Courier delivery method can pay for their order during delivery, in cash or by card. After delivery, the courier will take an amount equal to the final amount of the order (including VAT), and issue an order for the receipt of funds. Or will serve through a bank card scanner and provide a copy of the check. This payment service costs €1.50. At the request of the courier service, we always ask our customers to have an equal amount of cash in cash payments, in order to avoid any problems due to their acceptance and delivery.

4. Payment upon delivery to the physical store (cash or card):

All customers who withdraw their orders from the store have the opportunity to pay by cash or card. Once you confirm your order, you will receive a standard email confirming the order with a prepaid account, and when the goods are collected and ready for delivery, you will receive another email with information about changing the status of the order. After receiving the letter, you can come to on of the shops to pick up your order and pay for it in cash or by card. The exact address and time of operation of the shops are indicated in the contacts section.

5. Credit payment (contractual customers):

All contractual customers receive an agreed payment delay after signing the contract. When ordering goods online, customers choose this payment method and pay for the goods after receiving the invoice until the end of the payment delay. Customers also receive individual prices for products, depending on demand and quantity (more about contractual clients - here).