Delivery time for all orders is extended to 2 working days. Thank you for your understanding.

Contractual clients

Sutartiniai klientaiPaperSeal is engaged in the retail and wholesale trade of packaging materials. All goods sold by the company are visible in this online store, and even direct purchases can be made directly through it since not only the balance of the warehouse is directly connected to the electronic store, but the price of the goods is calculated immediately for different quantities. When buying through the online store and choosing a bank payment, a preliminary invoice is sent, which can be transferred to the trainee. If necessary, orders are accepted by phone or e-mail, and goods can also be purchased directly from the warehouse.

PaperSeal can provide a credit for the purchase (deferred payment) to all buyers (both natural and legal persons) who purchase on a permanent basis (not necessarily in large quantities). The loan amount and the grace period depend on the buyer's purchase history, creditworthiness and other factors.

Buying not only constantly, but also often, but in small quantities, the service of capturing prices can be obtained in a certain amount. For example:client is buying 10 boxes of the same size and 5 boxes of another size per month, but they are bought several times because there is no place for storage of large volumes. In this case, we can ensure the fixation of the price for a certain amount when buying any quantity, ie E. In this case, even if you buy only one box, you will get the same price as buying 10 and 5 boxes respectively, since you still have to buy this amount in a month.

A monthly period is adopted for this consensus.

We aren’t doing any additional shares or discounts, but for those who constantly buy large quantities (at least twice the maximum (last) price list, we offer an individual price for the goods based on the current situation. For example: an enterprise that produces and exports furniture to remote markets in the packaging line, consumes a huge number of cardboard sheets and protective corners, but also use other packaging materials, such as adhesive tape, labels, STRETCH film, only in smaller quantities. In this case, according to the company's request for cardboard sheets and security angles (how much and how much it consumes), the offer is offered at the lowest price. The standard price is fixed for the amount of the monthly demand for this product.

All of the above services are fully compatible with our online store:

  • Buyers with a delay in payment can buy online and in the payment method choose that he is a contractual client, to whom the goods are sent without prepayment;
  • Buyers with a fixed price for any quantity or individual price (below the lowest standard price) can buy online, as they will be able to see the agreed price at the time of logging in with a personal account;
  • Buying large quantities through an online store and the absence of errors in the shopping cart knows that the quantity you buy is in stock and will be delivered on time. Otherwise, information about the missing item quantity is displayed.

For all those who want to start a wholesale purchase at one level or another from our company, please contact the manager at +370 5 249 9958 or by e-mail at