About us

PaperSeal is an open and friendly shipping supply and decorative packaging retail company. We want our clients to become our friends, so we do everything we can to make sure that our service is as simple and enjoyable as possible. That’s why you can contact us in whichever way is the most convenient for you: Feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email, shop online or simply pop by one of our physical stores. We value each and every one of our clients and are happy to provide assistance to a wide variety of companies, from those that are taking their first steps into retail to unique niche brands, to successful corporations. We always make sure to keep our full range stocked up at all times to ensure that we can meet all of your needs, even those that are last minute! We'll get your order to you within 1 business day with our swift couriers, and the friendly staff in our stores will instantly hand you the items you need. In addition to all of this, one thing that we highly value at PaperSeal is our home: Planet Earth. We aim to go 100% green, to this end we choose to supply you with materials that can or already have been recycled, and although it’s not directly our business to tell you what to do with used packaging, we highly encourage you to reuse it if you can. We founded PaperSeal because we love making things better. Try our service and experience the result of our efforts for yourself!

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The fastest and most convenient way to shop. All our items sold in one place, real stock remnants, detailed product descriptions, high-quality photos and, of course, one-day delivery. Constantly investing in the best possible shopping experience, we suggest you try PaperSeal e-shop. The seal says, that you definitely like it.


For your convenience, we offer shopping at PaperSeal in physical stores. The most popular products in large quantities, sales counseling and real examples of items. We guarantee convenient access, friendly service, payment cy card and seals favorite free water. Shops addresses and contacts here.


We respect your time, old habits or just principles. We accept orders in the traditional way. You can submit them via e-mail to info@paperseal.lt (on working days we respond to your letters in 1-2h) or by phone +370 5 249 9958.


Modern, friendly & helpful

We are the team of young and ambitious people who want to make packaging materials as accessible as possible to everyone. We believe that boxes and pouches are electricity and water of the new times, because as we change shopping habits, we will soon be shopping only online, and we will share the items by sending them by themselves. Therefore, we bravely believe in the importance of packaging materials today and in the future.

Every day we are working on how to improve our performance. We believe that the best results can only be achieved through direct collaboration and mutual respect. We always try to think from the perspective of the client and to improve the customer's shopping experience. We constantly invest in working conditions to make your service comfortable and fun.

If you like boxes, cardboard, e-commerce or just want to become part of the seals team - contact and get acquainted with us.

Eimantas Valiulis

Customer support manager

+370 5 249 9958
Delivery, returns and general questions, individual and custom orders.

Deividas Gvazdas

Customer support senior manager

+370 5 249 9958
Contractual customers service, delivery, returns and general questions, individual and custom orders.

Rasa Vengrauskienė


+370 698 21 781
Accounting, bookkeeping, balances reconcilation, payment issues.

Erika Višnevskaja

Supply chain manager

+370 698 13 606
Supply offers.

Justė Svirskienė

Supply chain manager

Supply offers.

Sandra Komar

Supply chain director

+370 698 00 379
Supply offers.

Andrius Jacukevičius

Physical stores director

+370 698 55 220

Ignas Dudulevičius

Warehouse director

+370 698 00 241

Jonas Jarmolavičius

General manager

business development.