Print on silk paper

Silk paper keeps a gift or item from scratch and performs a decorative function. Used for packing gifts, items, jewelry or other decorative items.

  • The print is placed on 74 x 50 cm dimensions, 20 g/mthick silky paper.
    Quantity Price per sheet (without VAT)
    240 sheets €0.62
    480 sheets €0.48
    960 sheets €0.43
  • Minimum order - 240 sheets.
  • Type of printing: silk screen printing.
  • Maximum color space in the press is 1.
  • The print can be on one side of the page.
  • Available silky-colored paper: View a large version of the color palette.
  • Available colors of the logo are all of the Pantone color palette.
  • The production deadline is 15-18 business days from the date of the model approval.

Šilkinis popierius su spaudaŠilkinis popierius su spaudaŠilkinis popierius su spauda

When placing an order, specify the amount of silk, and submit the highest quality print file you have.

For all interested please contact us by e-mail or by phone +370 (5) 249 9958.