Pallet boxes

Boxes for Euro standard pallets 80x120 cm

Boxes for Euro standard pallets - 80x120 cm, 5 layers BC, 7mm cardboard.

Three products have five options:

1. Pallet box, open. The outer dimensions of the box are 1180x780x1000mm (1172x772x972mm inner), bottom of the box, box design FEFCO0200. In the price list see: "Bottom part".

2. Pallet box with lid. The exterior dimensions of the box are 1180x780x1000mm (1172x772x972mm inside), cover 1200x800x100mm (outer). The box is covered with adhesive tape, the lid is folded off with a tape.  In the price list see: "Bottom part + Lid".

3. Lid. The outer dimensions of the lid are 1200x800x100mm, folded without adhesive tape. You can only use lids, such as tray for the boxes or other products.  In the price list see: "Lid".

4. Telescopic pallet box. Box from the lower and upper part. Adjustable height, from a maximum of 2 meters to 1 meter. Exterior box dimensions 1200x800mm, internal 1186x786x986mm.  In the price list see: "Bottom part + Top".

5. Double pallet box, 10 layers, 14mm. Composed in the same way as the telescope - from the upper and lower parts. This makes a double box for special loads. Exterior box dimensions 1186x786x986mm, internal 1165x765mm.  In the price list see: "Bottom part + Top.

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Product Name Qty Per Box Price Per Qty To Cart
1 €11.00 €9.09 10 €10.00 €8.26 40 €9.00 €7.44 100
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1180 x 780 x 1000 mm (Bottom part)

€12.00 €9.92
€11.00 €9.09 10 €10.00 €8.26 40 €9.00 €7.44 100
Available in our central warehouse

1200 x 800 x 1000 mm (Top part)

€12.00 €9.92
€11.00 €9.09 10 €10.00 €8.26 40 €9.00 €7.44 100
This product is out of stock

1200 x 800 x 100 mm (Lid)

This product is out of stock
You can order these products anyway. We will contact you to clarify the delivery time.
€4.20 €3.47
€3.70 €3.06 10 €3.15 €2.60 40 €2.70 €2.23 100

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I purchase goods on arrival at the store? What are the working hours?

You will find the same product range in our physical stores as in our webshop. We only do not sell stationery and custom-made goods in our physical stores. The amount of goods indicated in the online shop is a representation of the products left in the central warehouse, not in the physical store. If you are going to the shop for a particular product, please call the store before to specify the required amount. Contacts and working hours can be found here.

2. How much does delivery cost and how much time does delivery take?

Delivery price starts at €2 (including VAT) in Lithuania and depends on the total volume and weight of the goods you buy. Orders made and paid before 15h we deliver the following business day all over Lithuania. More information about delivery terms here.

3. Are you applying discounts? if am a juridical person how to buy from your shop?

We love transparency, so we immediately point out fair prices and how much you save when buying more, and we do not practice magic tricks and concessions.
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4. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for a large part of the product is 1 piece or 1 pack. Some items have a minimum of 5 or 10 pieces, because when you buy 1 piece, they are difficult to deliver by courier service, due to large cardboard sheets. In physical stores, all products are sold in 1 unit or in a package. If the item in the column "Quantity per pack" is listed in 1 paragraph, it means that the goods are sold in units. If the addition of 1 piece to the basket is not allowed, this means that the minimum quantity of this product is more, for example 10 pieces.

5. How can I pay for the goods?

You can pay in the following ways:
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