Packaging production

PaperSeal works with the largest manufacturers of cardboard and cardboard packaging. We specialize in transportation and decorative boxes, we advise on various issues related to cardboard packaging also. In exceptional cases, when we can not help ourselves, we direct specialized companies that are in need.


Transportation boxes

Transportation boxes - designed to protect goods during transportation or storage. Can be made of different strength cardboard, different sizes and models. The most popular transportation box with valves (according to the FEFCO standards - the American type valve box - FEFCO0201). For this model you do not need cutting knives or other preparatory work.

We produce and sell large quantities of cardboard packages, so that reason we can offer attractive prices. Customers who want to produce small quantities (25 pcs) of individual measuring boxes, we often recommend to look at list of boxes we have and sale already, where you can find boxes of similar size. You can fill empty places with airbags or packing beads, for example. Already made boxes and airbags are a cheaper option than the manufacture of individual dimension boxes.

  • Available construction of the transportation boxes is FEFCO0201 (this is the most popular cardboard boxes construction, foldable by sticking a packaging tape. 
  • C-wave 4mm (3-ply), B-wave 3mm (3-ply) or BC-wave 7mm (5-ply) cardboard.
  • Cardboard color natural brown. Available in white cardboard.
  • Minimum order quantity: 25 pc.
  • Production and Delivery Deadline: 10 working days from 100% prepayment.
  • Silkscreen or flexography printing on the boxes is available.

Other boxes

In addition to standard transportation boxes, we also produce boxes of other FEFCO constructions. Like the transportation boxes, these boxes can be made of different cardboard, available in different sizes and models.

  • Cardboard types: boxes can be made from various parameters of corrugated cardboard or micro corrugated cardboard.
  • Various FEFCO box designs are available. You can see the constructions HERE.
  • Production and Delivery Deadline: the first order until 15 working days, the re-order is up to 10 working days.
  • Silkscreen or flexography printing on the boxes is available.
  • The minimum number of boxes to produce is from 500 m2 of production cardboard (the exact number would depend on the size of the boxes and is calculated individually).

Sample Minimum Box Quantity to order Calculations: 250x200x150mm, B wave 3mm cardboard - 1500pcs; 125x125x125mm B wave 3mm cardboard - 3600pcs.

  • For almost all these packages of individual sizes, preparatory cutting work (cutting knives) is required.

Cutting blades (Die cutting) - are used for the manufacture of individual sizes, in the form of specialty cardboard packages. The cost of cutting knives starts at € 100, but can reach € 300 +, depending on the perimeter of the box and the complexity of the box. Cutting knife production is a complex, manual process and each case is individual, the cost of cutting knives also includes the costs of keeping them and cutting machine tools.

Cutting knives are stored for a period of time since the last order and can be used many times. The cardboard packaging, for which need to produce cutting knives, we recommend then requires a particularly specific size and pattern, the packaging will be used in the future and will not change its size.


Required information for ordering:

1. 3 dimensions of boxes - length x width x height mm (internal or external).

2. Box Type / FEFCO Code / Box Layout or Sample - If you do not have a specific one, information (brief description) on which box you want.

3. Required quantity.

4. Desired type of cardboard or weight of product to be packed.

5. Curved / vector print file if printing on the boxes are required.

6. Comment on the print (box space where print, color or other additional information is required).

Sample query:

"We are looking for transportation boxes with internal dimensions of 300x200x100mm, a box of about 5kg, a palette of 5 floors, a price of 300pcs and 600pcs."

For all interested please contact us by e-mail or by phone +370 (5) 249 9958.