Courier envelopes with print

These envelopes are made of opaque LDPE foil. Very lightweight, saving shipping costs. The inside of the vowel is black, so it does not appear inside the content. This is also a great protection against moisture, cold or heat, which makes the envelopes suitable for the safe sending of clothes, materials and other items. Ordering courier envelopes with individual printing - you will have a unique and practical package.


Price per envelope (exclusive of VAT), with 1 color print, on the one side of the envelope:

Size of the envelope 200 500 1000+
 250x350+40 mm €0.37 €0.31 €0.26
300x400+40 mm €0.39 €0.33 €0.28
350x450+40 mm €0.41 €0.35 €0.30
400x500+40 mm €0.44 €0.36 €0.32
450x550+40 mm €0.48 €0.41 €0.35

Additional color or print on the other side of the envelope

+0.15 +0.11 +0.08


  • Minimum order quantity 200 pcs.
  • Color: the envelopes are white, the middle is black.
  • Made from 50 mcr. LDPE foil.
  • The press can be on both sides of the eyelid.
  • Maximum color in press: 3.
  • Specified envelope dimensions: length x width x bending mm.
  • Production deadline: 15 working days from the approval of the design.
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Maximum print size on the selected envelope:




Size of the envelope        Max print size 

250x350+40 mm                 190x190 mm   

300x400+40 mm                 220x220 mm

350x450+40 mm                 260x260 mm

400x500+40 mm                 290x290 mm    

450x550+40 mm                 300x300 mm



We also manufacture courier envelopes of different colors according to individual measurements.

  • Minimum order quantity from 5000 pcs.
  • The production deadline is 20 working days from the approval of the layout.







Kurjeriniai vokai su spaudaKurjeriniai vokai su spaudaKurjeriniai vokai su spauda


When placing an order, specify the size of the desired print, size of the envelope, and submit the highest quality print file available.

 For all interested please contact us by e-mail or by phone +370 (5) 249 9958.